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​Murder in the Cultural Gardens

While a standalone murder mystery, the book is set in the real Cultural Gardens in Rockefeller Park in Cleveland Ohio and provides past and current information about the gardens, statues and monuments there. I learned so much about this treasure.

Carol T

I am not from Cleveland so never heard of or been to the Cultural Gardens.  But I thoroughly enjoyed the book as a who-done-it mystery.  The ending caught me by surprise.


I love the three main characters - DJ, Ren and especially Peggy.  A modern Mod Squad! Can't wait to see what they are up to in the next book.


Excellent book. The mystery was a page turner and the information about the Cleveland Cultural Gardens makes you want to drive there and explore.


Murder mysteries — my favorite genre; the Cleveland Cultural Gardens — one of my favorite places. Well done! 


A love story to the gardens.


I loved the book and I  am looking forward to reading your next book.


Just want to tell you that I loved your book! So did my brothers and cousins who live and breathe the Cultural Gardens too. What was so interesting to me is that I felt like I was part of the scenes and activities taking place since the gardens are such a familiar place. It was a great way to help pass time!


I found “Murder in the Cultural Gardens” to be a quite a page-turner as a mystery as well as being most informative about the Cleveland Cultural Gardens themselves.